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2nd International Veins Meeting

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The College of Phlebology
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Alex Moozyckine

This brokerage event is an integral part of the 2nd International Veins Meeting, a unique 3-days event organized by the College of Phlebology for medical specialists and companies interested in topics and themes related to thermal and non-thermal ablation, pelvic congestion syndrome, wound care, leg ulcers, venous reflux, diagnostic imaging of venous reflux, thread, spider, arm, foot and breast veins, veins of the vulva, vagina and haemorrhoids, sclerotherapy, etc.

The b2b event will be conducted on the second day of the Meeting, 15 March, and will start at 10 am. The b2b sessions will cover the wide range of subjects including research, diagnostics and therapy, funding opportunities, international  collaboration, etc.

The Veins Meeting takes place on 14-16 March 2018 in London, and comprises of educational, training and b2b sessions. It will include continuous live streaming of cases and scientific discussions, and there will also be hands-on training sessions for medical and healthcare professionals interested in various aspects of venous interventions, venous anatomy, physiology and treatment.

The 1st International Veins Meeting was in March 2017 and attracted more than 200 delegates from 33 countries (incl. mainland Europe, North America and Asia), and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The 2nd International Veins Meeting promises to be an even larger event, covering a wide range of educational, training, and research topics. There are going to be 3 days of live streaming cases: pelvic vein embolization, endovenous surgery, duplex scanning of pelvic veins and leg veins, foam sclerotherapy and a variety of other procedures, with the audience able to question the operators. 

In other sessions, the participants can join in the scientific discussions related to all aspects of venous diagnosis and interventions, and learn about the latest advances in research and treatment for venous leg ulcers. The event offers structured networking opportunities to help businesses and practitioners with making new contacts and establishing meaningful business relationships on a global scale.



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