Textile and Clothing Industry in Latvia

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Austrian camping and van life competence center is looking for a partner to manufacture bags. The company converts transporters into cozy camper vans and sells camping equipment. The final prototype of the bag and patterns have been already prepared.

An Austrian camper manufacturer is converting transporters into camper vans since 2017. The company is located in Wels, Upper Austria. 

The resulting bag is meant to increase the storage room of our camper vans. The bag is equipped with special buttons so that it can be removed from the van. The idea is to pack the bag at home and then be mounted easily inside the van. It makes the storage room of our vans more flexible and versatile.

The final prototype has already been made and sewing patterns are prepared. Piping, zippers, and hollow rivets must be processed. 7 layers of fabric (about 300-400 g/m²) and webbings must be sewn.

The Austrian company is looking for sewing companies and bag manufacturers under the manufacturing agreement. The company has an internal development department for textile products that would work closely together with the manufacturer. The manufacturer should be able to produce other similar textile products, for example window shades, packing cubes etc. The company would like to cooperate with the manufacturer over the years and produce a variety of products in the future. The material would be provided by the Upper Austrian company.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Friday, 16 September, 2022