Textile and Clothing Industry in Latvia

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The Italian company is focused on the designing, production, marketing and logistic control of promotional gadgets - from plastic 3D characters to ceramic items - for customers who must combine their core services with promotional products.

Born in 1986, the Lombardy-based company started in the promotional sector developing and producing various promotional items, such as toys, magnets, cardboard games, home accessories, packaging, personal care, bags.
Having worked with clients from different sectors (food&beverages, health care, chemical, finance and insurance, etc…), the company started to specialize in the logistic behind the realization of such gadgets. It has gained vast know-how in development and logistics to meet the needs of the most varied customers, providing several services of research and proposal/design, analysis of costs, intermediation with licensing agencies and management of certifications, logistics behind import and post-sales.
As of now, the company started its brand in the sustainable sector, offering a more targeted service of research of selected suppliers for both consumer safety and environmental sustainability, using sustainable materials.
Because of the pandemic and its effects, the company would like to redesign part of its supply chain basing it on geographical proximity and making it independent from Chinese suppliers; hence, the company is looking for suppliers which are located preferably in Europe and which can provide competitive prices. Specifically, the SME is looking for new suppliers for the following markets:

  • Wooden home accessories (not furniture) and toys
  • Plastic objects (also toys), with standard plastics and bio/eco plastics
  • Various types of textiles (cotton, PP WOVEN, PP NON-WOVEN, polyester, etc...)

The cooperations envisaged are supplier and manufacturing agreements.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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United Kingdom
Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
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Friday, 4 November, 2022