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UK company offers a manufacturing agreement to a European manufacturer to produce anti chafe balm prevention products.

Established in 2017, this UK company has developed a range of products designed for people seeking to protect and maintain their skin.
The balm product is currently manufactured in China and an alternative manufacturer is sought in Europe.
The balm product is sold in UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as well as some European countries.
Sourcing a manufacturing facility closer to UK will give the company greater control of their product and future developments, reduce lead times in orders and the carbon footprint.
The balm will protect skin against rubbing that causes chafing and irritation of the skin by maintaining moisture and repelling water. It creates a barrier between the skin and conditions that cause excess moisture in the skin.
The balm is for anyone who is active, from running a marathon to simply going for a walk, cycle or swim and any other activity.
It is available in 3 sizes 13g, 25g and 45g and includes 2 types unisex and female versions.
The product is made with natural ingredients, no petroleum, animal or synthetic products are used in the balm and it is paraben & phthalate free. The balm is always dry, never greasy. It feels light on the skin and goes on dry and is invisible for all day protection.
Ingredients include hydrogenated vegetable oil, octyldodecanol, beewax, sweet almond, coconut oil, vitamin E and vanilla fragrance.
The balm is supplied in the form of an ointment as this provides an effective means of delivering the active ingredient directly to the required area.
The manufacturing process breaks down into four individual operations: preparation of the oil phase where ingredients are dispersed into the oil. The elements that are the emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilisers are then dispersed into water in a separate vessel. The two phases are then blended under vigorous agitation to form the emulsion. The active Ingredient is finally efficiently dispersed to maximise yield and product effectiveness. .Consistent product uniformity, quality and repeatability is required from the process.
Current manufacturing volumes have grown year on year to approximately 40,0000 pieces in 2019.
The main route to market is online sales, one distributor is currently active, with further distributors to be appointed.
This company offers a manufacturing agreement to the right company, and a long term relationship is envisaged with the successful partner.


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